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GFG17 carbine replica

The GF17 replica is made of steel, ZnAl and plastic with the highest attention to detail and precision of make. The whole body and the cover, the firing mode selector lever and most of the minor elements are made of steel. The RIS rails which cover almost the whole length of the replica’s barrel, the stock’s pipe, the outer barrel, the iron aiming sights and some minor elements are made of an homogenous alloy of zinc and aluminum.

The RIS rail set covers the whole front of the replica. Thanks to its application it became possible to attach any given additional equipment which meets the RIS standard. The list of the equipment is very long and starts with front grips, continues through the laser iron aiming sights, tactical flashlights, red dot sights and scope and ends on the attachable 40mm underslug grenade launchers.

The last and rarely seen, thanks to this an element which is worth mentioning about, is the ambidextrous cocking handle. It is no secret that in the case of the replica it holds a cosmetic function than a real useful function – nevertheless, it gives the replica additional character which allows it to stand out of the replica crowd. It is worth mentioning about the pistol grip. The replica is equipped with the pistol grip which is by default designed for the M249 machinegun.

Inside, the replica is as good as from the outside. It is equipped with a durable and well known V.3 gearbox which guaranties long and troublefree operation. An adjustable hop-up system was also mounted in it and it allows to extend the BB pellets trajectory. In combination with the M120 main spring, it allows to generate the muzzle velocity of about 400 FPS. This allowed to gain great effective range and power which can be said that are optimal in the case of an assault rifle.

The set does not contain a battery or a charger.

The set includes:
- the GFG17 assault rifle replica,
- the hi-cap type magazine holding 300 BB pellets

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