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Batteria Lipo 1300Mah 7,4V 20C Ipower

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Codice prodotto: IPLIPO018

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Batteria Lipo 1300Mah 7,4V 20C Ipower

Maximum intensity of discharge power: 26 A

Weight: 60 g

Accumulator type: metal

Accumulator connector type: small Tamiya

Accumulator cells type: lithium

Accumulator capacitance: 1300 mAh

Length: 70 mm

Width: 40 mm

Accumulator voltage: 7,4 V

Height: 20 mm


During charging LiPo battery needs to be remembered:

* Use ONLY a charger approved for lithium batteries.

* Charging each time using the balancer is advisable. It is preferable to use it at least every 5 cycles of loading.

* DO NOT leave battery without supervision when it is charging.

* DO NOT use broken cells.

* Avoid prolonged charging, it can cause battery damage.

* If some anomalies are spotted, you must stop charging immediately.

* To avoid the probability of electric shock first unplug the charger.

During usage LiPo battery needs to be remembered:

* DO NOT exceed maximum discharge power. For example battery with a 2100 mAh capacity and 15C ratio means that the maximum discharge power can take the value 15x2100 mAh = 31500 mAh = 31,5A.

* DO NOT discharge cells below 3 volts per cell. Under 3 volts chemical reactions start that ruin the cells capability to store a future charge.

* To avoid an excessive cells discharging is advisable to use LiPo alarm. When dangerous limit voltage level per cell will be reached LiPo alarm gives sound.

During storage LiPo battery needs to be remembered:

* Store them partially charged.

* Avoid leaving discharged battery. It can cause battery damage.

* Optimal temperature during storage is 12 Celsius degrees.

* Disconnect battery after each usage.

NOTICE! Batteries are covered only by starting warranty.