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D203M-2-Hp 1X Gen 2+ HpD203M-2-Hp 1X Gen 2+ HpD203M-2-Hp 1X Gen 2+ Hp

Night vision goggles D203M are designed to perform various activities in low-light conditions, which require to detect and recognize moving and fixed objects. This professional device performed of light aluminum alloys combines high characteristics with simplicity and realiability while exploitation.

Construction of the device allows to use tubes gen. 2+/3 of world leading manufacturers.

Distinctive features:

- Housing made of light aluminum alloys provides reliability and durability while exploitation.

- The built-in IR-illuminator allows to use the device in full darkness works on the wavelength of 880 Nanometers. It is practically unseen by the naked eye that provides observation security.

- It has two modes of power that allows to choose an optimum operating mode of the illuminator.

- Function of short illumination for short-term switch-on of the IR-illuminator.

- There is an indicator of the built-in IR-illuminator in sight of the Night vision goggles D203M which allows to control its current condition.

- The sliding system of eyepieces allows to establish them for comfortable observation In the interval between 59 and 72 mm.

- A comfortable helmet-mask allows quickly and in the optimal way to fix the goggles D203M on the head in relation to eyes and provides stability of this position even at intensive movements.

Additional features

- It is possible to install an objective with more magnification to use the goggles as binoculars.

- The afocal attachment allows to increase the magnification of the device from 1X to 3X without damaging its tightness.

Technical characteristics:

- Tube, generation 2+/3

- Lenses, focal length, mm F26

- Magnification, X1

- Angle of vision, degree 38±2

- Focus limit, m 0,25 ... ∞

- Diopter adjustment, dptr ± 4

- Interpupillary distance 59 ... 72

- Power supply (type of batteries) 2хAA

- Operating time (without IR), hour 60

- Detection range (object 0,5х1,8m; light exposure 3х10-3lux), gen.2+/gen.3, m100-150/150-200

Operating temperature range, °C

- galvanic battery -20 ... +50

- remote source -30 ... +50

Degree of protection according to IEC 60529 (if ordered) IPX5 (IPX7)

Dimensions, mm 158x126x56