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Fucile Elettrico Cxp Uk1 Captain Mtr Ics

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Fucile Elettrico Cxp Uk1 Captain Mtr IcsFucile Elettrico Cxp Uk1 Captain Mtr IcsFucile Elettrico Cxp Uk1 Captain Mtr Ics

The Transfo M4 CXP-UK1 comes standard with an ICS POM reinforced piston, metal hop up unit and a reinforced pinion and bevel gear via MIM process. These enhancements make it one of the most durable AEGs out of the box. The body pins have tracks on them keeping them attached to the lower receiver when disassembling the gun. The gun also has an ambidextrous charging handle allowing both right handed and left handed shooter to be comfortable.

The selector switch also releases the spring tension when moved to the safe position – another feature that will prolong the life of your gun.

The Transfor M4 meets all of the requirements of Mr. Chu(the founder of ICS)’s vision – the Transfor M4 is the best thing we create.

Additional Information

Gun Length: 693mm

Barrel length: 186mm

Weight: 2840g

Muzzle Velocity: 120 m/s (395fps)

Battery Type: 11.1V Li-Po

Connector size: Small connector

Mag. Capacity: 300 rounds

Motor: Long

Spring: M120

Material: Full Metal