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Fucile G&G Cm Mp5 Versione A4

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Fucile G&G Cm Mp5 Versione A4Fucile G&G Cm Mp5 Versione A4Fucile G&G Cm Mp5 Versione A4

This is a high quality MP5 from G&G with blowback function. The price is very low but you get a lot for your money. reliability, manufacturing, robustness and details are great. Also the firepower is awesome. The handling of this gun is close to a real one and has almost its original weight. The cost/performance ratio is outstanding!

Hop-Up: Adjustable

Shooting Mode: Semi and full automatic

Magazine capacity: 50 rds

Length: 714 mm

Inner barrel length: 233 mm

Caliber: 6mm

Gearboxversion: 2 Custom

Weight: 2.6 kg