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Fucile G&G M14 Springfield Black

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Fucile G&G M14 Springfield BlackFucile G&G M14 Springfield BlackFucile G&G M14 Springfield Black

The M14 series from G&G is a very well thought-out weapon and will convince you with a lot of little details. The slide has been crafted very extensive and the stock is made of high-grade material providing very good feeling for handling the gun.

The M14 is quite a big gun with high accuracy and a big magazine capacity. It is also applicable for combat snipers if it is equipped with a red dot sight.

Hop-Up: Adjustable

Shooting Mode: Semi and full automatic

Magazine capacity: 470 rds

Length: 1120 mm

Inner barrel length: 509 mm

Caliber: 6mm

Gearboxversion: 6

Weight: 3.8 kg