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Granata Airsoft Pyrotechnics R2B Paint Hand Grenade

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Granata Airsoft Pyrotechnics R2B Paint Hand GrenadeGranata Airsoft Pyrotechnics R2B Paint Hand Grenade

The R2B EVO Paintball grenade is a revolutionary new product for training and tactical games world, it provides loud blast and good and health-safety fragmentation.

Designed for game or training, this grenade will give you, your teammates and your opponents – additional motivation to play better. It’s filled by 50 cal paintballs and brings a good fragmentation with marking for 8-10 meters.

This training grenade equipped by two safety mechanisms - safety pin with ring and lever.

The grenade will not detonate if you just pull out the pin, but 3.5 second after you will release the safety lever (happens when you throwing grenade). All parts, includes safety lever, made of extremely safe polyurethane material and can’t harm anyone who properly equipped for the game or training.

The completely new pyro-element provides confidence in use.

Be assured that that dry grass or leafs will not be set on fire or if the grenade will not accidentaly detonate in your hand – it will not harm you.