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Ipsc Belt Black Version 8 Fields

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Ipsc Belt Black Version 8 FieldsIpsc Belt Black Version 8 Fields

IPSC belt is the ideal product for IPSC with a properly selected hardness and stiffness. In an easy and stable manner enables mounting holster, pouches and other IPSC gear. The inner belt passing through the belt loop. Outer belt is attached using Velcro. The outer belt can be quickly detach but also quickly put back, without changing the position of the IPSC equipment. This system distributes IPSC equipment in the same position every time, which is very important in dynamic shooting. Available in 4 sizes: M, L, XL, XXL and three colors; black, blue, red.


The inner belt

Outer belt

Security loop against belt stretching with embroidered logo of 8FIELDS

How to choose a belt?

Measure the waist

Add to the measured circumference of about 18-25cm

Set a belt according to the result of such measurement; 85cm + 20cm = 115cm.

The total sum of the measurement is the length of the belt, which you should order.

The right belt will be size M (circuit to 116cm)

Size charts:

size M 116cm

size L 125cm

size XL 133cm

size XXL 141cm